Tiilikkajärvi National Park

is known for Lake Tiilikka’s imposing sandy beaches, of which Venäjänhiekka is the most beautiful. Tiilikkajärvi National Park is a versatile outdoor recreation destination. Lake Tiilikka is located entirely within the boundaries of the National Park. The park is suited for day trips, as well as, longer treks. Visitors can hike and travel by canoe or boat. Visitors are able to enjoy the tranquility of nature here.

The area is valuable in terms of conservation as it is a transition zone for forest and mire types. Northern natural features blend here with southern ones. Wilderness-like ridges and aapa bogs surrounded by Sheathed Cottons-edge (Eriophorum vaginatum) meet here.
As well as varying natural features, visitors will get to learn about the area’s versatile history. The border stone of the Täyssinä peace treaty (1595), the traditional landscape and buildings from the 1920’s and structures left from logging days are part of that history.